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Gained HMRC RTI Payroll Recognition
Gained HMRC RTI Payroll Recognition You can sign up for  traditional payroll or RTI Payroll Now
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Your UK RTI payroll, CIS and P11D can now be done easily over the Internet. The Able Internet Pay Bureau payroll system enables you to process your RTI payroll, CIS, P11D and print your payslips from any Internet point. Whether you are working from your office, home, or abroad, you can access your RTI payroll, CIS P11D details through the Internet and process them accordingly. Your
employees  and  sub-contractors  can  also,
through the Internet, view and print their
own payslips, statements and other pay
details for up to 3 years. You no longer
need to worry about  installing a payroll
CD or any related updates.

RTI Ready: The package is RTI ready today. You can sign up and run your RTI payroll today or at anytime in the future. If you sign up on or after 6th April 2013 you will be automatically enrolled into RTI. If you sign up on or before 5th April 2013 you will be in the current EOY payroll. Switching from the current EOY payroll to RTI Payroll is very simple and all your current payroll data will be migrated to the RTI payroll.

E-filing is Simple: With the Able Internet Pay Bureau
payroll system you can e-file your monthly CIS300, your End of Year (EOY) P14 and P35 annual returns, and others, with just a simple click of the mouse. The ease and speed of this process is achievable because your EOY and CIS300 data are automatically compiled after you have completed your last pay run.

Employee Payroll Accounts: This gives your employees or sub-contractors individual accounts to log in to and view / print their own current and past (up to 3 years) CIS statements, payslips, P60, P11D at any time, and update their own personal contact details, etc.

Auto-Tax Code Updates: Any tax code changes from P6 or P9 notices can be automatically updated with a press of a button. Our DPS system links to the HMRC server and allows you to update your data automatically. This will save you data entry time and effort and cut data entry errors.

RTI eReturns: At the end of each pay run the relevant RTI forms to be e-filed will be automatically compiled ready for you to view, approve and e-file. With just a few clicks of the mouse your returns will be completed. The range of RTI returns include EAS, FPS, EPS, NVR and EYU.

Auto consolidation of Monthly/Quarterly P32 & CIS 132 Returns to the HMRC: The PAYE amount an employer/contractor needs to pay to the HMRC each month or each quarter is automatically and dynamically consolidated. This amount is usually reflected in your P32 and CIS P132. You can view the P32 and P132 at any time. The amount payable to the HMRC is also linked to the optional ePayment facility. Should any employee's pay details ever be amended our relational database management system will dynamically update the latest P32 and P132 data.

Auto Comprehensive P11 Reports and Pay Summary: Once your payroll is processed your pay figures will automatically be posted to the respective individual employee's P11, as well as the Pay Summary and Cost To Employer section. With just one click you can view a breakdown of the employee's earning details and Year to Date values.

Data Exports: Key data, such as cost to the employer etc, have been converted into CSV and XML files ready for you to export.

Note: We are able to automate the above mentioned reports because we are using a powerful relational database management system (RDBMS) which is usually used in mainframe computer systems.

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